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Frequently Ask Questions.

Apostille is a French word that means certification. Simply put, an Apostille is a certificate issued by the US State Department that authenticates the validity of a document for legal use in countries that are participants of the Hague Convention of 1961.

An Apostille is required for legal transactions where a document from one country must be presented in another as part of a legal process. Most often this will involve business transactions, property dealings, and settling the estate of a deceased person with assets overseas.

Companies that advertise "same-day" Florida apostilles are scamming you. If documents are delivered in person to the Florid Department of State, they will make them available for pickup the following business day. There are no exceptions to this procedure.
The way unscrupulous companies offer "same day" is they mail in dozens, sometimes hundreds, of apostille orders for fake documents. When the State of Florida returns the stack to these operators, they unstaple the apostille certificates from the fake documents and sell them as "same-day apostilles.

These apostilles are typically dated before the date of notarization on your document. This is illegal, and you will have issues if your document is closely inspected by officials in the foreign country.

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